Algae Afterbirth

Algae is the originator of diaper rock. Algae, along with his various punk rejects and accomplished musicians continue to shock people with their bizarre stage antics, accompanied by solid punk, reggae, metal, folk, and experimental music with Afterbirth crooning out clever, political social commentary. Amazingly presented as the framework for Algae’s infantile lyrics. 

A member of the New England Rock Hall Of Fame, Algae and his various bands were an interesting and unique part of the 80’s underground music scene. Opening up for national acts or headlining the bill with local groups Algae’s performances left people talking about The Baby Huey of the music world! Clad in an oversized diaper he left his mark (oh so that’s what they call it these days) on stages all over the East Coast especially downtown Boston! His final Boston show at Ground Zero was one for the ages. The crowd was full of GG Allin fans crying for “Santa’s Dead” off the split single Black & Blue Xmas Record and his band did not know it. It was a riot literally! Algae started his music career with Price Paully and his first band The Terrorists, which disbanded as fast as they began. From there Algae formed Can Of Worms which also lasted a short period of time. From the ashes of that band Algae and bandmate Drool Flemming added drummer Moe Cheese and Bassist The Phanthom to create the band Afterbirth. They were signed in 1982 to Black & Blue Records and released a 7″ EP called “Sloppy Seconds,” which got them on the Punk Rock map. They opened for bands such as DOA, the Circle Jerks, and GG Allin. After a gig at The Living Room in Providence in 1984, where they headlined, Algae left the group and started his solo career. He recorded “Santa’s Dead” as the flipside to GG Allin on The Black & Blue Xmas Record 7″. Shortly after he recorded a 12″ EP called Baby Rasta that featured local reggae artists and a bonus metal cut called “Medical Waste,” whose lyrics were written by Black & Blue Records honcho Peter Yarmouth. Shortly after that release Algae met up with Larry Evilelf (Yarmouth’s partner at Black & Blue) and Larry got Algae together with Tom The Wizard, Babe Phanthom, and Wipo to form Algae Afterbirth & Playpen. Algae, along with Yarmouth, he penned the lyrics and The Wizard provided most of the music for the band. The act then was pitched as DIAPER ROCK with songs that seemed to be from a baby’s perspective like “Toys In The Toilet”, “Day Care (They Don’t Really Care)”, “Toddler Highway”, “Spank Me”, “Infanticide” and more. This band played all over New England as well as New York and New Jersey with Labelmates NORTHWINDS and The Cedar Street Sluts. While recording his first full LP, Diaper Revolution, Tom The Wizard left with Babe Phanthom to form Blackbird 13, leaving Algae solo again. Algae has not performed live since then. He did release a few of the recordings from the Diaper Revolution sessions on each of the Black & Blue compilations MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR EARS HURT and MUSIC TO MAKE YOUR EARS HURT TOO, including my favorite Algae song “Baby Elvis”. 

Now finally a best of album titled “Diaper Revolution” is out so fans of all ages can relive or experience the Diaper Rock forever! While many have donned a Diaper onstage, nobody and I mean nobody, has ever delivered a genre of music like Algae did! The King Of Diaper Rock!